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We have expertise in treating ficus hedges of all species, sizes and levels of health. If the ficus is infested with whitefly and has completely defoliated and your priivacy is compromised, we can bring it back to a full and healthy state in relatively short period of time. Read More


We have expertise in treating large “Specimen” trees and palms that have been malnourished or stressed from new construction to a surrounding area. If a tree has been relocated and showing signs of stress we know what to do.


Organic pest control is the wave of the future and we are strongly committed to using the least amount of pesticides as possible. We do offer a complete organic service.

Specializing in nutrition, insect (Empire zoysia mealy bug) and fungal control in lawns and seciality turfs like St. Augustine and Zoysia is a service we pride. Working closely with lawn maintenance crews and irrigation specialists we create a unique team when managing the quality of our clients lawns. Read More


Citrus and tropical fruit trees have special requirements that are separate from general lawn care. It is important that they are fertilized correctly and receive corrective nutrition and organic insect and fungus control. Read More

Commercial landscapes

We are able to handle large scale commercial properties from developments, office buildings resorts and schools. Please contact us.

Palms in the landscape are vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies and need to be fertilized correctly in order to maintain their health. We use top grade slow release granular and liquid fertilizers for the best results and provide corrective nutrition for palms in need and quality insurance for newly installed landscape material. Read More


Orchids in the landscape and personal collections need to be protected. It could be the snails that loves to eat your phalaenopsis and dendrobiums or a fungal pathogen that speckles and spots the leaves. We have expertise in orchid care and maintenance.

Preventative Approach

High quality lawn and plant care requires attention to many factors (ex. weather, horticulture, pest and nutrient management). A preventative approach requires collaboration, good communication and persistence which we strive to accomplish.

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