Palm trees need to be fertilized regularly and in some cases treated preventatively for piercing insects like white-fly, scale, chewing worms and mites. We use high quality slow release granular fertilizers to keep palms healthy. When large/specimen palms are dug from tree farms and installed in new landscapes they undergo tremendous stress and often need special attention to insure they estabish as quickly as possible. We have expertise and experience providing treatments that are effective.

Before & After

JAN 2020
MARCH 2021

We injected this Bismarkia palm with Arbojet's PalmJet nutritional product and have seen noticeable improvements in 1 year.

August 2020
April 2021

This Canary Island Date palm in Homestead, Fl was not producing healthy new fronds. We treated with bud drenches and injections to correct the issues and in 8 months the palm has recovered. Customer is very grateful

The central spear of this canary island date palm was damaged in the 2016 Hurricane season, After an inspection of the crown we developed an approach which included bud and root drenching and later injections. The fronds were also trimmed to lessen the weight of the palm head so the new healthy fronds could emerge unobstructed.