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Mango Tree treatments

Our treatments to mango trees are effective for creating healthy trees that increase the potential for fruit production. Mango fruit production varies from year to year based on tree age, health of trees and favorable environmental conditions. We are knowledgeable and effective in identifying and treating for nutritional deficiencies, insects and fungus that damage mango trees. We are capable of identifying cultural conditions that hurt mango trees from producing fruit as well.

Before and After

In 2018 our customer in Key Largo prized mango tree was damaged by Hurricane Irma. The mango tree was not recovering and the new growth was distorted and damaged by insects (mites and thrips) and fungus (powdery mildew). Over a 2 year period we were successful in treating the tree with insect, fungus control products and fertilizers and it fully recovered. When it fruited in May of 2020 we were able to identify the mango variety ‘Irwin’. The tree has continued to produce fruit.

March 2018
May 2020
May 2023
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